Mirena and why it’s the Devil (for me)

I’m writing about skincare because it’s been such a prevalent issue for me over the past year and skincare blogs are responsible for practically saving my life.


Simple Skin Care Science

Seriously, he knows his stuff.

The biggest problem for me acne-wise is when I got the hormonal IUD inserted. It’s such a shame might I add because absolutely everything else I about my IUD I absolutely loved it. I would have married my IUD, but not after it did me totally dirty. It HAD to go. Thank the lord it came out easier than it went in. Without further ado, lets talk about what I did to get that shit back on track.


So I know this probably doesn’t look like much, but on the left side I had had the IUD out for a few months and was mostly trying to work on my PIH.


I waited significantly longer than I should have for false promises that it would clear up and I took four months of spironolactone which is supposed to do wonders for cystic acne. NADA PARA MI. Now the skin damage is severe and needs work.


  1. Bioderma micellar H20 for makeup removing. “Double cleansing method”
  2. CosRx Low pH cleanser (AM & PM) – NEED A LOW PH CLEANSER YA’LL. 
  3. Timeless Vit C serum with ferrulinic acid (AM) – Reduces scar marks and brightens skin
  4. Paula’s Choice BHA liquid (every other day PM) – Salicylic acid exfoliant to PREVENT new breakouts and boost collagen
  5. Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% (every other day PM after BHA) – Prevents breakouts. Might be the only thing in the damn world that actually works. 
  6. Tretinoin 0.1% (every other PM, usually don’t use with BP because it’s too drying) – Retinoid which increases cell turnover and prevents wrinkles 
  7. CeraVe moisturizers, one with SPF and one for night time (AM & PM) – Magical unicorn tears made into a moisturizer that saves lives 

Heres a “shelfie”.


So I am still expecting quite a bit of improvement. That is why this blog category is here. So I can obsessively measure my improvement and eventually post about getting compliments on my dewy, glowing, supple skin, ya feel me?

Anyway I know I’m not the only one struggling with this and I’ve also received a TON of help from R/SkinCareAddiction and highly recommend watching peoples transformations until you cry.