Fungi Frenzy


I decided for this first post to be about the beautiful, the golden, the sometimes elusive but not AS elusive as morel mushroom, the chanterelles! It’s peak season in the midwest baby, and those golden beauties are out there waiting for an invitation onto your plate. Being from Wisconsin I have some experience foraging for mushrooms and I am all too familiar with the feeling of excitement when you stumble across a forest floor covered in yellow. How do you find chanterelles? Look for thick forest with nice dark soil after a few days of rain! Just get out there in the woods and check it out. Chanterelles typically grow on hardwood trees in mossy forests mid to late July depending on the season.


Chanterelles are the type of mushroom that you need to eat fresh as opposed to porcinis or morels, because they just don’t for whatever reason hold that “shroomy” flavor that we want. Just a side note of caution for all: If you binge eat foraged mushrooms you COULD get sick. It’s just possible. Take it easy. I mean it…

Make sure that your identification is spot on, and double check everything with online images or a guide book before you put it in your mouth! We found some sneaky Jack-o-lanterns in our pile that we dutifully exiled before preparing our delicious meal. So put em in pasta, put them in a killer frittata with who knows what. Give em to friends and family and enjoy yourself!


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